Moving Resources | Long Distance Mover Tools and Apps

Moving can be stressful, whether you are moving across the country or town. Between packing, buying and selling homes, making lists to keep track of everything, and kids who want to know all about the new place, life can become cluttered and feel out of hand. However, many great sites and apps can help keep you organized and informed while you move.


Whether you are looking to buy, rent, or sell, Zillow is a great site with a lot of different features. If you’re looking to sell, you can list your house here through a real estate agent or as the owner. You can calculate mortgages, refinances, and debt-to-income. You can even look at different designs for rooms of homes to get decorating or remodeling ideas. Zillow also provides an agent finder service for real estate agents, home inspectors, home builders, even house photographers.

Area Vibes

Area Vibes is a great site to find out the livability of towns or neighborhoods. It gives each place a grade for different things such as amenities, crime, schools, employment, and cost of living before giving it an overall grade. It also has in-depth demographic information. This helps you get to know your city before you move and will point out any red flags.


A great way to find new restaurants, local businesses, nightlife, even home services is to go on Yelp. It provides customer reviews and ratings so you can see the local hotspots. You can also easily find places you would be interested in visiting.

Magic Plan

Magic Plan lets you take pictures of your empty home or apartment and then place objects to decorate and furnish your home. Instead of spending half your day measuring and moving around furniture, just snap some pictures and let the app measure for you. You can plan out your ideal floor plan without all the heavy lifting.

Move Planner

Move Planner may cost $1.99, but it comes preloaded with a list of checks for before you move. With suggestions such as “make sure you have all medical and dental records” and “make sure you have children school records,” you’ll be happy to have the reminder instead of keeping track in your head.

Great Guys Long Distance Movers

Great Guys Long Distance Movers helps you locate licensed, interstate movers and compare rates on a single platform. Now, instead of spending days calling moving companies and reading reviews, you can submit one quote form and receive quotes from multiple movers who have already been vetted by Great Guys.


With Sortly, you can create a visual inventory of all you are moving. By printing off a QR code, you attach it to the box and then can scan the code to find out what is in the box and which room it goes. This gives you easy organization for you, so you don’t have to open up boxes to remember what’s inside constantly.


Hire a Helper is a site that allows you to search local moving companies to compare prices, hours, and reviews. The site lists the businesses credentials as well the equipment lists of what the company will bring and what costs extra. You can then reserve the help you want for the day you are moving. This makes moving much less stressful than having to do everything yourself.

What to Do When Moving Before the House is Sold

In some instances, you will need to move to a new location before your old house sells. You might have a job offer that you love in another city, or you might need to move to take care of an elderly relative. In any case, moving to another house before your old house sells can be a problem, but it can also be a tremendous opportunity.


Your House Hasn’t Sold Yet

Homes do not sell quickly for many reasons. The housing market may favor buyers. Interest rates may have risen, making the house out of reach for your potential pool of home buyers. Your house may also need work, scaring away buyers. The house may also have other issues that can be less than ideal for buyers including a location next to a cemetery, a busy street or another place that buyers do not find congenial. It may also be because you are selling at a time such as winter when there are simply only fewer buyers.

Getting the House Ready

Moving out of your home before you’ve sold can be a great opportunity. You can now move all of your stuff from the house. One moving company ( points out that if you don’t yet have established living arrangements in your new hometown, you can always have the moving company place your non-essential belongings in temporary storage. Then, once you’ve found a place to call home, they can deliver the items to you. Clearing out the house now means this is the perfect time to make any necessary changes to the property. You can paint it soft neutral colors buyers like. You can also make any needed repairs that you might have otherwise put off because they might have been too disruptive. Now is the perfect time to pull up stained carpeting, level out tilted floors and install entirely new windows.

Keeping an Eye on the House

Once you are no longer living in your house, you’ll also want to take steps to make sure that the house remains safe when you’re not there. You may need to rethink your homeowner’s insurance policies as your insurance may not cover you if you’re not there. Consider asking the neighbors to keep an eye on the property, especially if you are moving long distance and will not be in the area yourself.

Other Solutions

If your unsold home is a drag on your finances, then it’s time to look for ways to reduce your costs. For most homeowners, this means putting in a tenant. Putting a tenant in your home has many advantages but a few drawbacks. On the plus side, you’ll be able to rent out your home and avoid paying two mortgages. A tenant can help you take care of the property and alert you if something has gone wrong immediately. At the same time, a tenant may require additional costs. You’ll have to draw up legal contracts that are binding. You will have to put their deposit in an escrow fund. Showing a house when someone is already living there can be complicated requiring at least a day’s notice. But it may be worth it to help avoid fiscal problems.