Realtor Resources

Real estate is an ever-changing, continually advancing market. Change creates uncertainty which inevitably leads to the development of helpful resources. With the help of online resources, real estate agents can combat the challenges associated with an evolving market and dominate the world of real estate in an efficient, professional manner.

1. Invoicera

Do away with those technical difficulties that undoubtedly arise when you’re manually tracking invoices, and look into an online tracking system. Invoicera makes it easy to track time, create and execute invoices, and accept payments online. Real estate professionals often have to juggle multiple responsibilities at once, so why not unburden yourself from the complexities of online tracking and allow Invoicera to take care of those needs for you?

2. Propertyware

This multifaceted online tool is designed to help manage the full lifecycle of property management. Propertyware serves as a “toolbox” for property management, housing everything from maintenance to accounting, in one web-based solution. Their services allow real estate agents to streamline operations so they can dedicate their efforts to grow their business.

3. Tools For Real Estate

Tools For Real Estate does just that – provides tools to real estate agents so their businesses can prosper. They generate monthly, customizable emails for your clients, and provide suggestions on how to grow your company. Branding yourself as a professional, competent real estate agent has never been simpler with Tools For Real Estates’ e-newsletter services.

4. Speaking Of Real Estate

To lump their articles cohesively, the National Association of Realtors™ has created a blog of their own. Speaking Of Real Estate aids in keeping Realtors informed while offering encouraging videos from fellow real estate agents and professionals. Stay in the know with Speaking Of Real Estate.

5. Eight11

This blog is an online source that suggests online sources for real estate agents – very meta, but it proves effective. Revealing the latest apps, reviewing some business tactics, and staying up to date on technological trends are just a few of the topics that get addressed on this forum.

6. Karl’s Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage lingo, interest rate jargon, and profit talk comes easily to real estate agents. For outsiders, however, these figures and calculations can go right over their head. Karl’s Mortgage Calculator helps display mortgage figures and loan rates conceivably so your buyers aren’t left with a glazed over, deer-in-the-headlights look.

7. BiggerPockets

BiggerPockets appeals to a wide range of real estate professionals. From commercial to residential Realtors, all the way to investors and lenders, BiggerPockets aims to keep everybody equally in the know with their blog resources. Their content knows no bounds; whether you’re looking to brush up on some real estate investing tactics, or fine-tune your finance skills, BiggerPockets provides.

With so many resources available online, you can stay up to date on trending topics, helpful hints, and new policies without succumbing to the pressures of a continually advancing trade. For more real estate marketing software and tools, check out our blog.